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Social responsibility

Based on the responsibilities of the company as a social citizen and the self-confidence of its own ability, it is based on the value of self-responsibility.

Public welfare idea
Protect the environment, make positive efforts and outstanding contributions to people's good life and living environment

Charitable charity
With an effort to return, a deep and grateful ideology, and an answer and commitment to the community that supports our growth and development.

Protect the environment
Developing the economy and protecting the environment started from me and started now.

Solicitude to Employee
Runtai New Material has always attached great importance to the health, safety and welfare of employees

Social public welfare
In the process of self-development, the company takes the initiative to assume the responsibility of returning to society. We will carry out social welfare activities by helping education and giving back to the localities, contributing to welfare and education in the region where we operate, actively creating value for the region, and promoting regional prosperity and sustainable development.

After nearly two decades of rapid development, Runtai New Material has led a series of changes in filming additives -

From the initial successful development of the first 12 esters of alcohol esters in China, and then from the restructuring of technical systems, the reconstruction of production equipment, to the creation of advanced equipment and new technologies.

Set up a customer hotline to deal with customer issues in the first time

Domestic hotline:400-626-0050