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Protect the environment

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Runtai New Material moistens future

Developing the economy and protecting the environment -- starting from myself, starting from now.

Protecting the environment

Runtai New Material Co., Ltd. keep in mind the principle that developing the economy cannot be at the cost of destroying the environment, we should put economic development and environmental protection in the same position. Start with me and start now.

Environmental protection organization construction

Runtai New Material started to pay attention to environmental protection since 2004, the year of Runtai foundation.
In 2014, Runtai New Material Co., Ltd. set up a safety and environmental protection committee, which consists of safety production supervision group, environmental protection emergency supervision group and emergency rescue management group.

Build Environmental Protection System

In 2012, Runtai New Material launched the environmental protection system. From 2013 to 2015, on the basis of continuous improvement, we specially established environmental management institution, and management systems were improved and incorporated into normal management, operation data of environmental protection facilities were recorded and environmental protection files were established. The stable operation rate of environmental protection facilities was over 95%. We established and full-filled contingency plans for environmental pollution accidents, and organized regular replacement for equipments.

Construction of environmental management system

In 2012, our company introduced an advanced environmental management system. Sewage treatment began in 2013. We must pay close attention to environmental control so as to ensure the standardization of environmental protection.

Promotion by Waterborne

Runtai New Material’s coalescent agent contributes a lot to the film-forming of water-based paints; however, coalescent agent is a kind of organic solvent which has negative impact to our environment. As a result, the development direction is moving torwards environmentally friendly and effective coalescent agents. The 1st aspect is to reduce odor, the other is to reduce volatile organic compounds, and the third is low toxicity, safe and acceptable biodegradability. In China, waterborne coating is an inevitable trend of the industry and market development.

Sustainable Development

We should establish and improve Cleaner Production Organizations and establish and improve cleaner production management system. To effectively carry out cleaner production in enterprises in an well-organized manner, so the Cleaner Production Audit Working Group keeps working out continuing cleaner production plans.

  Main Contents Starting Time Ending Time Responsible Department
Next round’s examination plan for cleaner production 1.Continue to collect cleaner production zero/low fee, medium/high fee plans.
2.Continue to implement zero/low fee plans.
3.Establish “cleaner production” working policies and objectives, cleaner production post responsibility system, cleaner production reward and penalty system to ensure that cleaner production work is carried out continually and effectively
2015.1 2016.9 Production Department
Implementation plan of the examination scheme in this round 1.Continue to implement determined and viable zero/low fee plans and institutionalize some measures in the plans.
2.Publicize and propagandize the results of implemented plans by stages and in groups.
3.Continue to strengthen the publicity and training of cleaner production for the whole staff.
2015.1 2016.9 Each department responsible for the implementation of plans
Cleaner production training plan for the company’s staff 1.Cleaner production knowledge training, publicize and initiate by studying and reading China Environment News, holding before-work and after-work meetings, opening cleaner production knowledge training, printing cleaner production manuals, using intranet QQ groups.
2.Cleaner production technology training, regularly organize staff to learn the cleaner production technology recommended by industry, train the staff’s technology innovation ability.
Twice per month
Once per quarter
Long term Cleaner Production Office
Key points and objectives of next round’s examination Set equipment transformation, refinement of distribution of energy instruments, automation of production lines and closed transformation as the examination’s key points of the next round. Such as the recycle and reuse of water condensed from vapors. Before the end of November, 2019   Each department

Cleaner Production

Runtai New Material Co., Ltd. keeps in line with the principle that economic development cannot be at the cost of destroying the environment, and we should put economic development and environmental protection in the same position. Start with me and start now.

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

1.Establish a work supervision team
On January 6, 2014, Runtai New Material set up the Safety Production Management Committee and the safety and environmental protection management department. In 2015, a safety production supervision group, an environmental protection emergency supervision group and an emergency rescue leading group will be set up to take full responsibility for the emergency, coordination and supervision of daily environmental protection work.
2.Establish and improve the management system and monitoring methods of energy and environmental protection.
General Manager is the first responsible person for the environmental protection work of our company, and the responsible person of each department is the first responsible person for the environmental protection work of the department. Everybody in the company must strictly abide by the national environmental protection law and other relevant provisions, and implement the policy of "comprehensive planning, innovation of technology, comprehensive utilization, scientific management and prevention of pollution".
3.Further strengthen publicity, education and training in environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.
The company should make the best use of our resources and energy, reduce the discharge of wastes and the impact of pollution. We need a good job in technological innovation and comprehensive utilization through strengthening our management, to stop leaking, dripping of the materials and wastes, get rid of the solid waste, waste water and air properly, and increase output without bringing in extra pollution sources.

Cleaner Production

Runtai New Material Co., Ltd. keeps in mind of the principle that economic development cannot be at the cost of destroying the environment, we should put economic development and environmental protection in the same position. Start with me and start now.