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Innovative technology

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With fast growth for almost 20 years, Runtai New Material keeps its leading position for coalescing agent –being the 1st company who succeeded in producing Alcohol Ester C-12, and then reorganized technical system, rebuilt production facilities, till now producing excellent products with advanced technologies and facilities. During our development, innovation is always the foundation for our success. Inspired by the quote “professionalism helps achieving better future”, our technicians keep improving to push forward the optimization of coalescent agent. In China, we are taking advantages of the chemicals to make our paint safer, more environmental friendly and healthier. We spend more efforts in developing products and solutions which are better for the world’s sustainable development, e.g. high b.p. coalescent agent, coalescent for different paint systems, high b.p. environmental friendly solvent, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on. All these products have big contribution to the paint manufacturers downstream. In current situation, eco-paints research and innovation have become the common development subject for the whole industry and Runtai New Material is acting positively towards the new requirements. With our two new projects launching in Rudong Xiaoyangkou and Taizhou Taixing chemical industrial park, in 2017, Runtai finished building the new R&D building which enhanced our technical strength and capability to serve the world’s rapidly developing markets. Runtai and our customers will make concerted efforts to commonly push forward products improvement and satisfy customer demands.

1. Innovation in China, Service to the world

In Runtai, our technicians keep promoting products breakthroughs to satisfy demands from domestic and international markets, Runtai New Material is equipped with talents and advanced facilities in the industry, and solve challenges with outstanding R&D strength. All our researches are carried out in the lab, in here, we focus on innovating coalescent agent series and offer big supports to eco paint products.

2. Market innovation

Innovation is our ever-lasting pursuit. Runtai New Material keep continuous development of new products and services to satisfy demands from paint industry and approach challenges world-wide. In the long term, we are looking for solutions to satisfy the VOC concerned paint industry and with our advanced technology and support from customers, we have captured a good share in the market.
Runtai new products include:
1. Low odor and high purity RTC?-12 (dodecanol ester)
2. Eco-friendly Stone Paint Coalescent Agent (Patented product)
3. Environmentally friendly multi-functional high-boiling film-forming additive RTC?-300 filming aid, RTC?-16, RTC?-281
4. Environmentally friendly high boiling point solvent RTC? -DEB

3. Application Innovation

Runtai New Material attaches high importance in application innovation. In 2014, we established a centre for technical application. Our technical staff always treats clients’ requests on priority and seeks to provide satisfied scientific solutions for clients by developing more reasonable coatings’ recipe. With combination of research and application and clients’ demand and knowledge, we stick to the idea of promoting common development by sharing experimental resources together.
Runtai’s cooperation with the clients originates from the centre for technical application.
By focusing on the quality of the product and the applicable skills, we listen to clients’ request and exchange ideas with them closely. By giving introduction of the products, we show to clients how to see, touch, hear and even to feel our products. The above experience will imports a direct understanding of the products to clients’ mind. The process flow, quality inspection as well as packing methods of the products can match clients’ unique request and lay a good foundation in product commercialization.
The road to application innovation is not always in the same pattern.
We face new standards and challenges when we customize products for customers. We bring out valued plans for customers, including in-depth analysis of the products, technical solution and relevant application data etc. Meanwhile, with the wide knowledge of Runtai accumulating for years in the market, we endeavour to do our best by achieving win-win results together with our clients by providing them with requested and updated professional and technical experience.

4. Service Innovation

The product cannot be separated from the service, and services are built on the basis of guiding customers, product application and reasonable customization, which can all-rounded stand in customer’s point to solve their problems, and can make product been better rationalization, clarity and quantification used. According customers’ requirement, we can design certain service correspondly together with customers.
Major projects include:
1. Product usage gradient database
2. Product depth component analysis
3. Field application technical guidance
4. Troubleshooting solutions during use
5. Product blind test data analysis
6. Technical rationalization recommendation
7. Product knowledge and theory training and guidance
8. At the same time, all customers are welcome to our company have professional point-to-point coaching on products, and applied technical practice experience.